Just an update

I feel like I’ve not updated in a while…  But, life’s been in the fast lane this past week.  On Tuesday, the family got back from the beach (with our company and their cousins).  They got back from NJ around 10 PM on Tuesday night and by the time they got settled in and ready to visit it was 11:00 PM.  The kids went swimming and then we had a bon fire out by our pond.  It was tough to get started because all the wood was wet after the rain; however, after a careful use of and accelerant (lots of it) we had a good fire.  Needless to say, we were up until very early the next morning.  I still had to be at work at 7:00 am… so it was a short night for me!

Our company went back to Texas on Wednesday.  Her cousin ran them down to BWI and saw them off.  I had to go to National Airport in DC to pick up our scouts returning from Alaska.  DC rush-hour traffic is just not fun!  To top it off, there were some “wicked” thunderstorms that hit us once we got to the 495 / 95 junctions that just pounded us all the way to the Baltimore Beltway.  It was kind of a long crawl home in rain… but the stories were good from the back seat.  It’s amazing when you get a Suburban full of folks that went to the same place (on the same trip even) how the stories are slightly different based on your perspective…. But it was fun to hear!

I think that the college stuff is coming together finally… I got all the forms completed so that we can finance this venture.

I would have liked to go camping this weekend… the weather here is just perfect.  Cool, but not cold. Relatively dry and a soft breeze… the kind that keeps the ‘skeeters away.  We thought we had some commitments this weekend, but they were cancelled at the last second and since I need to find a “Pet Friendly Camping Site”, we were not able to find an available site close to use.  So it looks like maybe I can get away with some Dutch Oven experimentation over the weekend… that would be nice.

Life without bounds is limitless…..

This is my thought for the day… lets start now!

Shepherd’s Pie Tonight!

I think that I’m going to make a Shepherd’s Pie for dinner tonight…. with everyone gone, it’s my time to play in the kitchen.
1/2 lb bacon (cut small)
1 lb gound beef
1 Instant mashed potatoes
1 can corn (drained)
1 can green beens (drained)
Grated cheese
Cook the Bacon and drain, then add the ground beef and cook hamber until cooked.  Then add veggies and stir, then top with a thick layer of mash potatoes. Cover and bake in oven (or Dutch Oven) for 10 – 15 min.  Then top with cheese and salt / pepper to tast.

Another Bike Race

We went over to another bike race near Lancaster, PA yesterday.  It was quite a bit of fun on a great day.  The weather was dry (no humidity) and there was a nice gentle breeze blowing.  We watched the race from under a tree near the road.  Set up some lawn chairs and just enjoyed the day.
There was this guy dressed up as the Devil that was running up and down from the "feed zone" to the finish line as the bikers came buy.  He was giving them water and squirting them with liquid to cool them off.  I’m not sure what that was all about, but it seemed to be part of the event.  The race was 45 miles up and down hills around the river.  The bikers looked really beat coming up the hill to the finish line.
Our guests went to spend some time with there cousin in Philly after the race.  They were going to a place called "Victors" where the waiters sing opera to you at the table.  They were all going to the beach for the weekend, so I’m sure they’ll have a great time!

College Room Assignment

Mason got his room assignment at Oklahoma State University today.  He will be in Wentz Hall.  This is not the Hall that he wanted; however, it’s in the same complex.  He seems really excited about the whole thing.  He leaves for school the Week of August 15th so there is lots to do between now and then.  He got his room mate’s name and phone number as well.  His room mate is from Houston, TX… he was going to call him today, but I don’t think that he got around to it.

Is home where the heart is?

Just a thought… Is home where the heart is? 

I saw something the other night that sparked this chain of
thought…. There are three physical places that I feel a strong emotional
connection too.  Glen Cove, NY
Tulsa, OK – and Stillwater, OK.  These are (in
order): The place of my birth, the place of my youth, and the place I became an

Odd to say, but NY was a great place to grow up… I
always feel a special connection with the state of my birth when ever I cross the
state line.  It’s hard to explain the feeling of exhilaration when
you know that you’ve returned to that place from which you came.  I
have many fond memories of Fishing on the North
Shore and Greater South Bay (near Babylon, NY). 
Just sitting here, I can smell the salt in the air.  I have never been any
place where you could smell the salt water and just in-hale that sense of being
on the water.  Hanging around Zon’s Airport and the Heliport at Long
Island Helicopters.  I could just spend all day at the airport and watch
airplanes come and go.  If I was lucky, I could catch a ride at the end of
the day with my Uncle.  He was a flight instructor at the
time.   I’m not sure why the pilots and staff at the airport
put up with me all day.  I guess if you love flying, they part of that
wide eyed little boy never leaves you.

Oklahoma was a tough
transition for me… very different from NY, but I grew a lot there. 
I was the youngest FIFA Soccer Referee in the state at one time…
something I really enjoyed.  I think that in OK I had much more freedom
than I could have ever had in NY.  I was making trips of two hours or more
to go camping and exploring at age 16 – 17.  My work ethic was
shaped by the people around me and my own determination to overcome personal
obstacles.   College was done at Oklahoma
State University
.  As a youngster in NY, I was told by a number of
teachers that I would never be able to go to College due to learning
disabilities…. OSU is where I proved them all wrong.  I ended up
with two Bachelor’s Degrees (Computer Systems and Management Science /
Marketing).  I really discovered who I am and how to be happy here. 
When I went off to college, I decided that I was me and I could be happy were
ever I was… it was up to me.  I was not one of those students that
came home every weekend.  I worked on campus and found things to keep me
occupied year round in Stillwater
attending both Summer Sessions and the regular School Year.  My parents
were great and always supported me and my efforts.

Every time I move, I know there is a period of adjustment;
however, each move is an adventure and a way for me to explore different areas
of the country and me.  As a  “Mobile Soul”, I’ve
found that where I am at any moment can be home… the hearts and lives
that you touch and touch you make the experience memorable and endear you to a


@ the Bike Races

This past weekend is a blur….  I got home from CA around 1:30 am and then we woke up at 6:30 am and went to the Bicycle Races in Reading (In the same park with the Reading Pagota).  I was really tired, but the races were pretty cool actually!  We have a house guest staying with us for a few weeks and her cousin’s son (PJ) was one of the riders in the race.  Apparently, he is a very good racer.  The hills in the park are pretty amazing to hike… I can’t imagine riding a bike up and down the hills.  PJ’s course was about 30 miles (10 laps of the park).   I’ve included some snaps of the event below.  Afterwards, we went over to the Victory Tavern to have some lunch (a late lunch at that).  I sampled a couple of their home brews… HopDevel and Mad King Weiss.  These were some pretty tasty beers…. Topped off with a good sandwich.  We had a good time talking over lunch and the kids learned how to play some pool for with our guest’s cousin.   It was a good time.   After lunch, we went touring in Philly.  This was kind of a car thing because of all the rain, but it was a good driving tour with locals. Next weekend, we are going to see another race over in Lancaster…. You can check out the races at www.usacycling.org

Sunday was a lazy day around the house… trying to get my body back in sync to the East Cost after a week out on the West Cost.  I like the travel, but it does a number on me for a few days when you are on a trip with really long hours while you’re out. 

Work is crazy after my trip…. There is lots to do and the list is ever so long!