Pool Water….

Man… our pool is just out of control!  I got home from Vacation and the pool had some alge in the bottom (not much).  I put some shock in the pool and the next day it was just like "Green Jello" with alge.  Last night I bought more shock, algicide, and water clarifier.  Last night I did the chemical treatments to the pool… tonight I recharded the DE Filter.  It looks better today, but still not clear.
I’m really hoping to be able to swim this weekend!

Back from Vacation

The first day back from vacation is always tough…  I checked my e-mail last night and saw that I had almost 100 mail messages waiting for me to deal with (not as bad as in previous jobs, but still enough).  I had a really hard time getting going this morning… after a week in the central time zone, the 5 am alarm was tough today.


Yesterday was all about getting home, getting cleaned up, vacuuming the pool, getting laundry done, and etc.  It seems like there is always so much to do when you get home from a week long trip.  I’m looking forward to the week… It should be quite for me around the house… just me the dog and Mason (who is working most evenings).  So, I’m going to be able to cook what I like all week.


I’m still trying to decide if I want to run out and do some solo camping this weekend (if I can find a spot).  If not, I may just pull the camper out into the middle of the back yard and park it in front of the pond.  I’m sure it would annoy some of my neighbors… but then sometimes they annoy me, so it’s a fair trade.  


Day 8 and 9- June 26, 2005

I got a slightly later start than I wanted (10:30 am)…. I arrived at Carter’s Cave State Park around 7 PM (EST) which is close to on schedule based on the departure time.  I found that the park was full, and the surrounding parks did not have any electric sties available.  I decided based on that to continue traveling.  I wound up the night around 12:30 am in West Virginia at a rest stop about 20 miles before the Maryland State Line.  I had been seeing lots to deer on the sides of the road and the traffic was starting to thin out… with my luck as a deer target, I did not want to take the chance of hitting one again so I packed it in for the night.

I got up at 6:30 am on Sunday and after feeding and walking the dog, got back on the road.  I made it home around 11:00 on Sunday.  So now I just need to do some general clean up in the camper and I’m ready for the next trip.

Day 7 – June 24, 2005

Today has been kind of a lazy day around the camp…. Anna and I floated the river on our own in the morning and then we had lunch.  We followed that up with the cave tour in the park (90 min hike in the cave) and then floated the river again.  We did just a simple dinner and then called it a night.  Tomorrow, I want to leave by 9:30 am and would like to make it to Carter’s Cave State Park in KY for the night.

Day 6 – June 23, 2005

Today the trip plan was to visit the St. Louis Zoo, the Budweiser Brewery, and Grants Farm.  We arrived at the Zoo by 9:30 am.  The zoo itself is free; however, it costs $9 to park and then some of the exhibits inside charge a nominal fee.  It was so hot here on Thursday (97 degrees +) that most of the animals were inside.  So we spent about 3 hours walking around looking at mostly empty cages.  The best exhibit of the day was the penguin exhibit… it was 46 degrees inside the area where you went to see the birds.  We had fun here… the glass that you go up to is right at the walk way and when the birds jump in you get wet.  There were a couple of small birds that just wanted to show off for us, which was very cool.  The zoo looked like a very nice zoo… it was very close to what the Ft. Worth, TX zoo is like if you are familiar with that zoo.

We left the zoo for the Brewery tour…. We arrived at the Budweiser Brewery around 1 PM and were able to get on the 1 PM tour of the plan.  The tour is pretty fascinating.  You get to se the Clydesdales and tour the bottling and packaging plants.  The grounds are impeccably maintained turn of the century everything.  At the end of the tour, you get to sample two products at the tap room, before you leave.  We ended up our tour around 2:30 and were going to head out to Grants Farm; however, we discovered that they closed at 3:30 and decided it would not be worth the drive for a 30 min visit.  So we headed back to the campground and stopped for some BBQ for lunch on the way back…. It was pretty good stuff.  While I did not get my German Sausage… I was able to have some BBQ Sausage.  Not quite the same, but it would have to do.

After we got back to the camp, everyone went down to the river to swim.  I stayed back to take a short nap.  I got up and made a Chocolate Cake in the camp oven and some baked onions in the camp fire for when everyone got back.  Since we had lunch so late, we decided that we would just have “snacks” for dinner.  Well, I wanted to cook a few items anyway.   Tomorrow is the cave tour and time around the campsite.

Day 5 – June 22, 2005

Today was “interesting”, We got up and had a “Mountain Man Breakfast” all made in a Dutch Oven.  This consisted of 1 package of Hash Browns, 1 LB of Sausage (Pre-Cooked the night before), Sautéed Veggies (also Pre-Cooked the night before), 1 dozen eggs and some shredded cheese.  You cook you sausage and veggies (Peppers, Onions, etc) in your Dutch Oven and then add you hash browns and mix these item together.  Then you pour the eggs on top of the hash browns (do not stir at this point) and place on the fire for about 40 min (or until the egg has set on top).  Then remove from the fire and sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the mixture and let this melt using only the colas on top of the oven.   You can add Picante Sauce when you get ready to eat it you like.  After breakfast, we went down to the river to swim a bit.  The idea was that we would swim, then come back for lunch and take in a cave tour or float the river again.

We had planned to do one day out sightseeing and one day within the park; however, we had the great debate at lunch that took about 2 hours to resolve.  You guessed it, someone wanted to go back out and go sight seeing.  So at the end of the two hours, it was decided that they would go and the guys would stay at the camp site with the kids.  And then just as quick as that… sightseeing turned into a Wal-Mart run for “tubes” so we could float the river.  I must admit that sometimes I’m more than confused by this.   We finally got on the river around 4 pm and floated down from the put in from top of the park back to our camp ground took us about 3 hours.  It was fun, but everyone was ready to get out of the water.  We cam back to the campsite and made Dutch Oven Fried Chicken and Fried Corn… that was “Good Eats”!

Day 4 – June 21, 2005

We spent the day in St. Louis after a “quick breakfast” of fried eggs and sausage; we headed off to St. Louis about 60 miles away from the campground.  We spent most of the time at the Gateway Arch.  I’ve been to this monument several times in my live and it never seems to loose it’s appeal for me, I don’t know why.  Paul, Dalton, Anna, and I rode to the top of the arch in the funny egg shaped elevators (see pictures).  At the top, you get to see how tall 630 feet really is… it’s amazing how hard it is to just lay on the slanted side of the inside of the Arch to look straight down.  You don’t really spend a lot of time at the top… but it’s something that stays with you for a while. 

After that, we drove over to Union Station for lunch, sight seeing, and shopping.  We got into Landury’s around 2 PM and got out around 3:30 PM… so the Brewery and Grant’s Farm were kind of out due to the time.  We are going to try and get to them on Thursday (maybe the Zoo).  We’ll see what we have time for… but today was fun at any rate.

We got back to the camp site and got our swim suits on… and went back to the seen of our canoe accident (or turn over) and did some swimming.  We had heard from some other campers that this was a really good place to swim.  They were correct; we spent about two hours just swimming and floating that section of the river in tubes.  It’s only about 3 – 4’ deep there, but it runs pretty swift.  It’s just enough to give you that “wee!” feeling with out making  you feel like it’s dangerous.

After swimming, we came back to the camp site and started our camp fire, cooked hot dogs and listed to music on the laptop with the ambiance screen saver.