Interesting Camp Cook Book

I saw this really cool book yesterday, Camp Cooking 100 Years, it had really cool pictures of old camps (and cooks) from the National Park Service.  I"m talking 1900 – 1950’s style camps.  It was worth the price just for the pictures.  They had some really good recipies in the book as well!


Got some stuff done

I got the Vonage service hooked up so it rings on all the phones now.  I also was able to sort through the last twelve years of pictures and found all the scout related ones.  I’ve pulled them out and started to sort them by date for the presentation.  I also started to scan them into the computer so I can put them in Movie Maker.

I was also able to take a look at the tralier and it is not something I can fix myself.  I’ll need to replace the front support.  The steel will not bend back into the correct shape.  I tried to get the part… but all of the parts shops are closed for the holiday (go figure).  I can’t say that I blame them though.

We had some realy wicked thunderstorms come in late today… cooking in the campfire ring was out.

Gotta get cooking!

Well the to-do list for to day is as follows:

  • Fully hook up the Vonage service to the house.
  • Find old scout pictures for Mason’s Eagle Ceremony (I’ll Post some later)
  • Finish program
  • Fix damage to trailer crank
  • Cook something on the fire pit in the back yard (smells like a campfire).

This is "my list"… I’m sure there is more that I’m not aware of as of yet!

Todays Stuff

Today was a really good day… It sounds like our Proof of Concept testing with our new customer went very well.   We have to make some minor application changes; however, they were very impressed with the application.  This is a major accomplishment for our company.

Tonight, I helped my neighbor get his wireless router setup and working with his laptop…. Just got a DELL XPS Laptop and a new Linksys Wireless Router.  It’s pretty sweet set up that he’s got.

The Scout Master of Troop 90 stopped buy and borrowed my canoe.  His family was going camping up at Gifford Pinchot State Park for the weekend.  Several people from the troop and my crew (Crew 90) were going to be stopping buy to do some paddling.  They are having as much practice sessions before the Alaska Trip in July.  Several of the girls in the crew have not been on a canoe trip before.  The second weekend in June we are supposed to take our first trip of the year on a river.  We will be putting in at Mexico, PA and then doing a down stream stretch of about 4 – 6 hours.  Right now they are planning to take out before we get the Susquehanna River.  My understanding is that this is supposed to be more of a float type trip.

My Vonage server was finally turned up today…  I need to disconnect the house wiring from Verizon, build a crossover cable, and then feed the house wiring from the router.  I was out an looked at the Verizon box outside the house and I think that is should not be a big deal to disconnect the old service.  Right now, we only have one phone on the Vontage service.  That’s causing a little bit of tension around the house.  That’s on my task list for tomorrow.


The answer to all your questions?

Try this program and see if it can find out what you’re thinking about… a coworker sent this to me and we spent some time after work playing with it… it was pretty good.

Ahhhh… the plan comes together for the big Sr. Week Trip

We are preparing a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, for the week of June 13. We would leave early in the morning (4:00 AM) in order to avoid morning rush-hour in Baltimore and Washington. The trip should take about four hours depending on traffic, totaling out at 230 miles. We plan too stay for four days and three nights. We would be returning on the evening of June 16th.
We have planned to stay at KOA campground, in a two room cabin, instead of a hotel in order to cut down on expenses. There are many benefits that the campground has to offer us. First of all, it offers all the comforts of a hotel at a cheaper price (cable television, air conditioning, heat, heated pool, etc.). Secondly, the campground offers amenities unavailable at hotels. It will allow us to prepare some of our own meals, which will cut back on food expense. We plan to cook our own breakfast, and possibly pack our own lunches. The campground also offers a shuttle service, from the campground, to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Amusement Park, as well as, Water-Country U.S.A. This is a major benefit that will provide us with safe and reliable transportation, and cut back on gas expense.
Expenses for the trip can be found on the attached fact sheet. The two room cabin will be $84.95 a night. We have planned to stay three nights, and we are dividing the cost, between the five of us who are planning to attend. The total cost per person for accommodations is $50.97. As far as the amusement park tickets, we have found a two-day ‘bounce pass’ which will give us all-day access for both Water-Country U.S.A., and Busch Gardens. The price is 64.95 per person, which will save us $20 each. Addition expenses for the trip include food expense, gas expense, and any additional spending money (for gifts, souvenirs, etc.), all of which are documented on the attached fact sheet. We approximate that the trip will cost about $250 per person.
Below is a floor-plan of the two room cabin. The boys will sleep in the back-room (shown at the far left), where there are four bunk beds. The girls, will stay in the center room, which contains a double-bed. The bathrooms are located in the center of camp, a short walk from the cabins. Any cooking that choose to do, can be done on the covered porch.
2-Room Kamping Kabin® Floor Plan
There are only five of us, who are planning to attend. If there are any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call Mason

Made Good Progress

We made good progress on Mason’s Eagle Ceremony last
night.  We will finish it up tonight and start working on his scrap
book.  My Foot is pretty pain free today… so that is
excellent.  I’m finding it easy to get around again!