Reading Hike

Yesterday we spend about a half-day out in Reading, PA hiking around the nature trails at the Reading Pagota.  I’ve included some of the pictures.


Reading Pagota

Anna, Dasiy, and I made a real quick trip out to Reading, PA this morning… we found three letterboxes in the Reading Pagota area.  That was really a neat place (very hilly though).  The Pagota was free to visit; however, it did not open until 10:00 am.  We did our letterboxing first (found three in the park) and then visited the Pagota.  The fog was really bad (1/8th mile visibility or less) on top of Mount Penn… but we had a good time.

I’ll post the pictures a little later today.

Ranger Trail – Codours State Park

We went out and hiked the Ranger Trail at Codours State Park in Hanover, PA.  This was a pretty nice trail with some nice views of the lake.  This trail is a couple of miles long; however, we only walked the portion on the North East Side of the lake.  There were some nice views of the lake and a couple of different types of forests in a short walk.  We were able to watch some rather large bird that had a roost in one of the trees and would occasionally fly off over the trail and dive into the a near by field.  That was pretty cool to watch… it was weird walking that section of the trail after seeing that a few times.

Semi-Productive Weekend

Work kind of got in the way of our Sunday plans; however, it wasn’t a total wash our… 

I spend the morning working on carving a pratice stamp (see blog picture)… it turned out pretty good, now I just need to make a larger version.  I picked Anna up after her retreat on Saturday and we went over to Hanover, PA to find the last three boxes over there that we were unable to find the weekend before.  It’s close enough that we could do that with out too much trouble.  We found 422, Lost City, and Piegon Hills in about 3 1/2 hours.  We also came across the "On the run from Massachusetts" Hitch Hiker.  We stopped at the "York Street Treat" and had some Bacon Cheese Burgers and Ice Cream to cap off our day.

We had planned if I got done with my work issue early enough on Sunday to attempte to get the Hitch Hiker as far north as Harrisbugh or Philly; however, work turned to be an all day affair.  We did manage to sneak in a trip over to Lochraven at Lunch (Anna spent the day with me at work) and find the  "Maryland Black Eyed Susan" which is not far off the road.

So, we did not get to complete what we had planned out; however, we did manage to get a few boxes found.

Bad News

Well… bad news tonight, we had a VIP Desktop failure while on the road…  That means we get to recover data on Sunday.  I went out and bought the replacement hard drive tonight at COMPUSA.  Anna was really looking foward to getting the "Two Hour Only Stamp" in Philly, but we will have to do that another time.

On a lighter note… I did pick Anna up and we went to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.  It was a fun time.  we will do some things around the house tomorrow, possibly work on our stamps.

Tax Day

We bought our supplies last night to get started…  We were able to find Journals at Ollies; and looked at Ben Franklin; however they did not have the rubber for the stamps.  We went on to Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store in York and they had "EVERYTHING" we needed.  We bought the Speedball Carving Kit and the rubber for the stamps.  We saw some really nice hard bound skech books for $11.00… we’ll stick with the $2.99 journals until we see how this is going to go.

Tonight, we will try and carve our first set of stamps!

Letterbox Supplies – Stamps

I found the information that I need to try and buy the rubber stamp material.  A company called "Speedball" makes rubber blocks and sheets that can be used to make a handmade stamp. 

I think that the art supply store in Towsen may have thise items, but I’ll need to make a run down there to check.  They also look like they may carry the Strathmore spiral skech pads that we were looking for.

Anna has been looking for letterboxes that she wants to visit this weekend… she found a stamp that is available for only 2 hours in Philly… she really wants to collect this one in a bad way… so we will probably take a trip over there on Sunday and try and round up several others that are close buy.