Next Trip is April 8 – Codorus SP in PA

Well the next trip is now planned… we are going to Codorus State Park in Hanover PA (  It’s a nice park and it’s very close to home.  We were able to get a pet site in Loop B (site 77). 

I’m hoping to do some good cook’n on this trip since it’s close.  I’m thinking about trying the "Turkey Oven" and doing a chicken that way with a Stuffing, Glazed Carrots, and a nice Chocolate Cake for desert!

I really hope that the weather cooperates with this trip!!!!




VA Camping Trip

We had a good time camping in Virginia  (  We got a late start on the day and hit DC Traffic on Friday which did not allow us to get to the park until after dark.  It’s a real pain trying to pick out a site in the dark.  We ended up in B25 right next to the bath house…. It was a pull through site and everything was very nice. 


On Saturday, We got up, had our traditional camping family breakfast (sausage & eggs, with bacon, and coffee cake).  That went to see the campground and facilities in the State Park.  The park is really neat.  It has these huge cliffs that must be at least 100 feet off the river that gives you an awesome view of the river and bay.  You can follow the park road down to a small beach area and boat house.  We stopped by the office and got some park pamphlets for review.


We then went to George Washington’s birthplace on  POPE Creek (  This was about 10 minutes from the campground.  I purchased the National Park Passport for the year and then we had a really nice tour, saw the movie and walked the grounds.  Anna tried chasing some sheep; however, they did not want to be caught.


We also went to Stratford Hall Plantation (General Lee’s Birthplace) for lunch (  The admission was $25.00 to see the grounds; however, if you tell the person at the gate that you want to eat lunch at the dining hall, you can go there at no cost.  Lunch will cost you about $14 per person, but it was good.


After lunch, we went back to the campground and hiked some of the trails.  We walked the pond trail and then the Laurel trail.  Then we came back and started a campfire at the site.  We wish that we could have spent some more time at the park; however, we had limited time this trip.  This is a park that I would like to go back and explore some more later in the summer.

Mulch Sale & Jazz Fest

What a combination…. we had the scout mulch sale deliveries this weekend.  Mason and I helped in with the delivery from 8 am until about 1 pm.  This year we followed one of the rental trucks and it did not seem like it was too bad.  We had mostly deliveries of 25 bags at a time… which with 6 – 8 folks, it went really quick.

Then we had Jazz fest… which was a good success… the bands were good and the view from the kitchen was good as well.   I’ve posted a few pictures.

Camping plans are set for next week… we are going to Westmorland State Park in Virginia.  I’m looking forward to getting the camper out and finally doing some quite camping and cooking!


Camping at Tuckahoe – Dillsburg, PA

Last weekend we had an adult campout at Camp Tuckahoe (  We stayed in the Poplar Lodge and had a great time.  Greg Z. and Randy S. were back from Iraq and got to visit with us for the weekend.

Right now I’m looking to get the Trailer out on the road for a camping trip at the end of March.  I’m really wanting to get down to somewhat warmer climate for the weekend!

Mystery Camp

Well the Mystery Camp was great!  We camped at the Bee-Tree Preserve (  in Northern Baltimore County.  We were not allowed to use the Adirondack Shelters at the top of the hill because the latrines were out of service; however, we were able to use the pavilion and camp at the lower section of the camp.

It was cold, we had about 4 – 5” of snow on the ground at our campsite and everyone had a ball…  We were able to do our scout skill training sessions at the pavilion and then we ran events up on the hill.  We did fire building in front of the Adirondack Shelters.  We had various medical scenarios during the hike on the grounds.

With all that snow, it was only natural that we have some snowball fights and got to do some down hill sledding.