Food For Mystery Camp – Lunch

We are off to by some freeze dried meals for our Mystery Camp… We are going to have the scouts make the freeze dried meals for lunch and show them what types of food they will get on the trail, how to make them, and how to clean up!

We make our dinners in oven bags… you get your pot full of water (about 1/2 – 3/4 full) and start it on the fire.  Then get an oven bag and put your food in it and the correct amount of water for the number of meals in the bag.  Then place it in the pot of water and let it boil until your food is cooked.

This is great on the trail, your meal is cooked in the bag, and you just spoon it out into your cup / bowl.  The leftovers stay in the bag.  Your cleaning water is now the 1/2 – 34 of water in your pot that you boiled your food in.  Clean your bowls… and your off again!


Indoor Drum Line – Yesterday

Yesterday we had another Indoor Drum Line Event… our group took first place, so it was a great day.  The kids seemed like they had a blast.  After the Indoor Color Guards performed, there was some serious dancing going on (see picture below).  I guess after sitting all day, this was a good excuse to get up and move.

Mystery Camp Planning Continues

The Crew Officers went to the campsite last night and reviewed the area.  They have made some decisions about the program areas and made some progress on the slate of events.  The meeting this past Monday was extremely productive.  I feel like we made some great progress!

It looks like the event will all get pulled together before the camp… and that is a good thing!

Events will be:

  • Backpack Check – Dump it out and see what’s needed and not needed
  • Knotts – Contest and then refresher
  • Fire Building
  • First Aid
  • Backpack Style Cooking


RV Show – So many RV’s

We had a good time at the Maryland RV Show… lots to look at, and the time really goes by quickly.  We saw lots for rigs that we would be interested in looking at again in the future.  We saw some really nice trailers from KZ that have most of the things we like about our TrailLite but with hard side ends.  I think if we were buying today, we would need to look at that trailer pretty close.  We also liked the TrailLite trailer with the side tents.  Our 2003, 23B, has a Queen on one end and a double on the other.  The side pop outs give you two doubles on the back end with the bathroom against the rear wall.  I think that this is a great design.  Had this been on the market in 2002 when we were looking, this would have been the rig we would have purchsed.

We also got some good trip planning materials.  I’m going to send off for the NY Camping CD to see what is on that.  I would really like to make a trip to the Adirondack Mountains sometime in 2005.

RV Show – Maryland

We got some free tickets to go to the Maryland RV Show today… it should be fun.  I enjoy checking out the new rigs to see what kinds of things they are installing these days.  I’d like to get a drivable one if a few years (like 5 – 10 years out) and take some time to drive the country and see things.   I really love to see new places and experience new things.  I still have many places in Canada I’d like to see… if I get the time. 

Indoor Drum Line

Yesterday was back-to-back Indoor Drum Line Shows… lots of fun, two thrid place shoiwings.  We were at Chambersburg in the moring and New Oxford, PA in the evening.  It was a long day, but a lot of fun!

Mystery Camp Event

Well we got another item put to rest with the upcoming Mystery Camp… I was able to line up our "entertainment" for Friday night.  I spend a couple of hours on the phone working the details out… it’s not exactly what I was looking for, but I think it will work out pretty good!